Yonder Gordon

Co-Owner/General Manager

Yonder Miller

Head Chef

Yonder Gordon

Sous Chefs

Michael Gordon, Hakeem Gordon, Brandon Washington,

Human Resources

Mikel Gordon

Pastry Chef

Yonder Miller


family owned business since 2002

It all began as a little girl Chef Yonder was born and raised in the 9th ward in New Orleans. The Youngest of eight children she watched her Mother & Father work hard to maintain their businesses while being entrepreneurs themselves. Their hard work ethic was instilled in her at a tender young age, along with family traditions and family values she learned to carry on to the next generation with her 5 kids and 17 grand-kids. Chef Yonder learned how to cook from her parents, who made her prepare Chitterlings as her first meal, but it was her Aunt Louise in New Orleans who inspired her to learn more. Chef Yonder would often visit her Auntie during family gatherings where she would let her help in the kitchen prepping food, cooking fine cuisines, and making sauces from scratch. Even when she didn’t visit, they would always hold long conversations on the phone talking about food. These skills were not only taught at an early age, but as time went on Chef Yonder learned how to master her freshly prepared ingredients and cater food in the New Orleans Area for many years. Chef Yonder relocated to Columbus, Ohio in 2000 and began to cook/cater for family weddings, birthday parties, and special events. The 30+ years of experience Chef Yonder has, and the great feedback from numerous people inspired her to open a Family Restaurant in Jan 2017 called Way Down Yonder New Orleans Finest Restaurant located in Old Town East Area at the Columbus Food Hub in Columbus, Ohio. This family business which includes her children became a success in the community and well received with returning customers. Way Down Yonder has become a household name in the city of Columbus and our goal is to stay true to our roots and become the most unique restaurant in the city of Columbus. Our New Orleans Authentic cuisines will offer delicious, traditional southern food for the soul. We guarantee quality, and fresh food prepared by our owner/Head Chef Ms.Yonder Gordon and supporting chefs.

Many people often ask; “Where did the name Way Down Yonder come from”? Way Down Yonder was a name birthed into a vision that God told Chef Yonder daughter who she also named “Yonder” aka Yanda Millz to go forth and use as it represents a place “down yonder” a rode to take. “C’mon Down Yonder baby and get you sumthing to eat”, represents the southern hospitality we give when meeting you for the very first time. Our customers is what makes us successful and we believe in treating everyone with dignity and respect. Our mission at Way Down Yonder New Orleans Finest Restaurant is to provide a unique and relaxed dining experience-similar to dining at home. We want families to come together like the old days and feel the love in the atmosphere. Our goal is to give back to the community by providing free meals to less fortunate, hiring second time offenders, employ single mothers with training, and giving back to non-profit organization.

We hope to see you soon & thank you in advance for supporting our family business. God Bless